3 Towers Stage Race News & Announcements

2017 3 Towers Entries are OPEN!

Breaking news! Get a free 3 Towers team entry with any Toyota purchased from Malalane Toyota! Now that’s what you call a deal.

Well after that amazing news, what else can I say. I guess all I can say is “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. Malalane Toyota will be holding nothing back this year. Malalane Toyota will be giving away a full 3 Towers team entry with any Toyota purchased from them. So buy your new vehicle or get your boss to buy his new fleet form Malalane Toyota. This offer is valid till 31 August 2017. What a way to celebrate Mankele’s 10 birthday. Time flies when you are having fun and we have loved every minute of it. Mankele has built a reputation for it’s amazing trails and this year will be no different. Trail planning and building is in full swing.

Pay them the Money (with a Julius voice) Yip the ladies will receive equal prize money this year. It is something which should of happened year’s ago. Same distance, same effort but the ladies smell a lot better at the finish. R22 000 1st prize up for grabs!!

So what is there to look forward to at 3 Towers?

1st Tower  “Increases must fall”  There will be zero increase on the entries this year! Big thanks to Malalane Toyota for this. This means you will have some extra bucks to blow on a bike or to buy your lovely wife some flowers to make up for the weekend away. Learn from me, buy your wife a bike and then you can do as much riding as you want, as long as she is with. I would much rather share a tent with my wife than some stinky dude!

2nd  Tower – We have endless new trails in Mpumalanga. Now that the tar roads are full of potholes, every ride is like klapping it down the Downhill Course. We have really been inspired by the massive holes and we have tried to recreate it on our trails. It has been a very difficult task due to the fact, that it means we must not work to get it like that? Jokes aside, plenty new ideas for new single track. 2016 Race trail was pretty much perfect but like I said, 10th birthday means we will need to add something special!

3rd Tower – Every year we get mails about the food being too good. Guys complain about some serious weight gain at the 3 Towers. Well the NG Kerk Aunties will be up to their usual tricks this year but the Chill – Zone will be stepping it up with some series snacks. Extra weight helps on the descents Baby!

3 Towers info:

Date: 29,30 September & the 1st  October 2017

Options: 3 Towers Race (70km’s per day), 3 Towers Challenge (50km’s per day) & 3 Towers Mncane (34km’s per day)

What’s included? tented accommodation, meals, goody bag, brilliant trails with a happy ending!

Enter at: www.3towers.co.za or go buy a Toyota from Malalane Toyota!

Have a good week & keep pedalling.


Mark Meyer

The 3 Towers Mncane is born!!


How does 35km’s a day sound? Yip, now you can do three days of 35km’s per day. 13 years and up can take part so enter with your son, daughter, wife, mate or anyone who can peddle (as long as it’s not your mother in law!!!). check out the Events page for more info! Entries open 24 June

3-5 October 2014


Breaking News!!

3 Towers would like to welcome, the birth of new addition to the family. This “laatlammetjie” will be run on the same weekend as the  3 Towers Stage Race & Challenge.


It is limited to 50 team entries. The  3 Towers Mncane is aimed at the youth 13 years & up and at all the older geysers that can’t find enough time to train for the “Race or Challenge”.

This is the perfect way to ease into the world stage racing. The courses will still have a fair amount of climbing, single track and bush tunnels included, but we will defiantly do our best to remove all the big stings!

35km’s a day is like eating a piece of lekker chocolate cake. It’s all finished just before you start feeling sick and you will be super keen, for another slice tomorrow! …….mmm CAKE!


How does the 3 Towers work?

Thursday 2nd of October, Registration from 15:00 – 20:00

  • Each team will receive goody bags, number boards & be allocated a tent. One tent per team, with two mattresses. No funny business!!
  • Supper from 18:00
  • Race Briefing at 19:00, we will show you what you have signed up for!!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

  • “Race” starts at 7:00, “Challenge” starts at 7:30 & the “Kuncane” starts at 8:00
  • Breakfast from 5:00, Lunch from 11:30 & Supper from 18:00 (no supper Sunday)
  • Prize giving is at 19:00 on Friday & Saturday night. Sunday 12ish
  3 Towers 
Stage Race
3 Towers 
3 Towers 
Day 1: Distance/Ascent 75km’s / 1750m 48km’s / 1400m 35km’s / 800m
Day 2: Distance/Ascent 70 km’s / 1750m 48km’s / 1400m 35km’s / 800m
Day 3: Distance/Ascent 48km’s / 1450m 48km’s / 1450m 35km’s / 800m
Price includes:tented accommodation & meals R6, 600 R5, 950 R5, 400

*The exact distances & ascent will be posted closer to the event!

If you have not entered the 2014 Isuzu 3 Towers yet, make a plan!! Get a mate and choose your mission. www.3towers.co.za

Keep on pedalling,

Mark Meyer

Cell: 082 338 9532

Fax: 0866 810 753


It’s all about the ride!