The Event

Entries are limited  so don’t be caught sleeping!!! Entries do fill up quickly. Book early to secure you spot in the awesome 3 Towers MTB Stage Race at Mankele Mountain Biking.


We have had guys booking accommodation and wanting to enter early… easy tigers. Entries will open for the next 3 Towers for Last years Hero’s first and then a bit later, we will open the entries for general public.

Remember we require the 50% non-refundable deposit, to secure your entry.

We would like to thank all of you, for making this event such a success. True mountain bikers are just the bestestest!! Big thanks to all the sponsors. Please guys, make use of these guys. They put a lot into the sport, so let’s support them. Race’s need sponsors!!

The 3 Towers is a team event. Two riders per team. Get a mate and make it happen. Each team gets allocated one tent with two mattresses. NG Kerk Alkmaar feeds the masses from registration till lunch on Sunday. 


The Trail.

Please NOTE: routes are subject to change without notice.

Amazing contour and ravine single track that goes on, forever & ever with astonishing views, that’s if you can look up and take your eyes off the track.

The trails look amazing, which means that it is now up to you, to make your ride even better. The fitter you are, the flatter the mountains!!

Mpumalanga (My poor Lung hey!) is known for its relentless climbs but even more famous for its perfect mountain biking terrain. Rocky fast descents always puts a smile on the dial.

3 Towers & 3 event categories! The race event is for the dudes with some series fighting power. 75km’s in the Mankele Mountains is not for sissies. The Challenge event is guys who have the fighting power but not the training time. The challenge is a well balanced tough ride. Don’t be fooled by the distances. Lots of single track and plenty steep climbs are on the menu! The Mncane is aimed at the guys who is just getting into the world of stage racing. Best fun ever. Lots of single track, bush tunnels and you even do” That %^@# climb”.

Train and you will be fine.


Non Riders and/or Teams

“I am riding the race. Can my wife, kids, mother-in-law & dog come with?” We are also family men, so feel free to bring your families with – but please leave the dog… the mother-in-law is optional !

Please note: The family members that you can’t leave at home, are welcome to come camp at Mankele. They will have to book with Christelle (No Booking = No Entry! Booking is on a first come first serve basis and closes on 31 August). Camp sites are limited so hurry. Riders are welcome to stay with their sweetie pies, in their private tents (outside the race village). Only families/supporters will be charged for camping. All riders must confirm with Christelle if you are going to make use of the 3 Towers tents. Most guys stay outside the race village in their own tents/ caravans. We had a problem with space this year. We will only put up tents for riders who require our tents.

Last year we had a number of supporters/families staying at Mankele. This is all super cool, but we must respect the “Race”. I believe it works & will keep working, as long as we take the race into consideration. Riders have right of way with everything, from showers to meals!

Supporter’s meals, must be pre booked through Christelle. No booking  =  no meal. We cater according to a specific number. So if you do not have an armband or a meal voucher, then you will go hungry! Ok not quite hungry, Sarah’s coffee shop will be open & they make flippen lekker food!

Dudes with the big caravans please do not overload the power supply. I know you paid 1 million dollars for the air-con, DSTV, washing machine, tumble dryer…. but if the electricity is dead, so is the food supply! If everybody thinks that everyone else is doing it so why not, it effects the entire camp too, please be considerate.

Sarah’s coffee shop will be klapping the fancy coffee’s again, so bring some extra bucks if you are into fancy coffee’s (roadies).


Entry Procedure:

  1. Download the Entry Form when it becomes available
  2. Fill it in and send it to:
  3. You will receive an email from Christelle with your team’s Reference number & the banking details.
    A 50% non-refundable will be requested, to confirm your team entry.
    The balance is then payable by 1st August
    Please note: we will happy to assist with rider substitutions at Zero cost.

Food & Briefing / Thursday

  • Registration from 15:00: Goody bags & number boards.
  • Tents will be up, so grab a tent from Thursday night. (only for pre booked riders)
  • Supper: Served from 18:00. All participant meals are included from Thursday night.
  • Race Briefing @ 19:00, Video’s, tips how not to fall and how to be on TV. Then go sleep & dream of what is to come!!


  • Race Starts @ 7:00, Challenge Starts 7:30, Mncane Starts @ 8:00.
  • Ride, wash bike, shower, eat, chill.
  • Supper and Prize giving 18:00. Try sleep and dream, of what happened the day!!


  • Race Starts @ 7:00, Challenge Starts 7:30, Mncane Starts @ 8:00.
  • Ride, wash bike, shower, eat, chill.
  • Supper & Prize Giving. Try sleep and try understand, why the race is nearly finished!


  • Race Starts @ 7:00, Challenge Starts 7:30, Mncane Starts @ 8:00.
  • Celebrate your finish, take a picture & eat a burger.
  • Prize giving will be at 13:00ish. Please feel free to stay, the Sunday night in the tents.


Day 1 Race: 70.8km
Day 1 Race: 70.2km
Day 3 Race: 44.8km

Elevation profiles | Routes
Please note: distance, route & elevations may vary.


Day 1 Challenge: 43.6km
Day 1 Challenge: 45.8km
Day 3 Challenge: 44.8km

Elevation profiles | Routes
Please note: distance, route & elevations may vary.


Day 1 Mncane: 26.5km
Day 1 Mncane: 31.0km
Day 3 Mncane: 28km

Elevation profiles | Routes
Please note: distance, route & elevations may vary.